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An employer does not have complete freedom to fire you. You have rights. Your employer may not terminate you for an illegal reason. Even if your employment is at will, your employer may not terminate you when termination violates public policy. For example, your employer may not terminate you because of your age, race, pregnancy, sex, or medical condition. Also, your employer may not retaliate against you for opposing harassment or discrimination in work place.

Likewise, an employer may not terminate you for filing a workers’ compensation claim or complaining about unsafe working conditions. There are many other illegal grounds for your termination.


Our San Diego Labor And Employment Attorney Can Explain Your Rights. Give us a call and we can help discover facts in your case and determine whether the reason your employer has given you for your termination is the real reason or just a pretext. Our San Diego Labor and Employment Attorney will ask you many questions in order to get to the real reason for your termination. Some of the reasons given to you for your termination are vague or nonsensical. Our San Diego Labor and Employment Attorney can help determine whether you were wrongfully terminated. Give us a call for a free consultation. You have rights and I will make sure you know and understand all your rights.



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