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Let my San Diego Overtime firm assist you with your Overtime Claim.

Every Employer in California must pay its employees overtime, unless an exemption applies. The duty to pay overtime is enunciated in Labor Code section 510.

Overtime compensation laws serve the dual purpose of inducing the employer to reduce the hours of work and to employ more (individuals) and of compensating the employees for the burden of a long workweek. Overtime laws serve to spread employment throughout the workforce by putting financial pressure on the employer, and to protect employees in a relatively weak bargaining position against the evil of overwork.

Overlapping Federal and State Law: California employers must satisfy California State overtime compensation requirements because they are more protective of employees than their Federal counterparts.

Work Performed in California by Non-Residents: California-based employers must comply with California overtime provisions for all work performed in California: Because California has a strong interest in applying its overtime law to work within its borders, nonresidents performing work in California for California-based employers are entitled to overtime compensation for time spent working in California.

Our San Diego Overtime Attorney Can Explain Your Rights
If you need assistance in determining whether you are owed overtime in San Diego, feel free to contact our San Diego overtime Law Firm at 619.202.0264. You may also contact our San Diego overtime firm online and confidentially discuss your situation. Our San Diego Overtime Attorney will be glad to offer you a free consultation and answer any overtime questions you might have in San Diego. I will ensure you will understand your legal rights in San Diego under California overtime laws and equip you with all information you need. Our San Diego wage dispute law firm gives clients information about what to do if they are not receiving the correct pay in San Diego.



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