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Under California law, all forms of sexual harassment are prohibited. Sexual Harassment is forbidden under Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), specifically under Government Code section 12940. Federal law, specifically Title VII, prohibits discrimination and harassment.

Tenacious and Resilient Representation
My San Diego Sexual Harassment firm represents clients who have experienced sexual harassment in work place. Our San Diego Sexual Harassment firm offers competent, tenacious, and resilient representation and insures all your legal questions and concerns are fully addressed and answered. If you have been victim of sexual harassment in work place, our San Diego Sexual Harassment firm can assist you and offer you free consultation and assist you to make an informed decision.


Our San Diego Sexual Harassment Attorney Can Explain Your Rights
If you are not comfortable with or do not know how to report sexual harassment within your company, our San Diego sexual harassment attorney will assist you to report the harassment appropriately. If you are considering filing a lawsuit, our San Diego sexual harassment lawyer can represent you in court. Do not condone or accept sexual harassment at work. Speak to a San Diego Sexual Harassment Attorney or contact our San Diego Sexual Harassment office online and confidentially discuss your situation.

To state a prima facie case for “hostile environment” sexual harassment under either Title VII or the FEHA, plaintiff must allege that:

• Plaintiff was subjected to unwelcome sexual advances, conduct or comments;
• harassment complained of was based on sex; and
• harassment was “so severe or pervasive” as to “alter the conditions of the victim’s employment and create an abusive working environment.

Do not Accept Sexual Harassment At Work
If you are sexually harassed while on the job in San Diego, contact our San Diego sexual harassment attorney today to set up a free consultation. Our San Diego employment law and sexual harassment Attorney will assist you when you encounter sexual harassment at work in San Diego. Call our San Diego Sexual Harassment Attorney today at 619.202.0264 for a free consultation.



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